3D Visualisation & Rendering

British Racing Designs offers a unique 3D visualisation and virtual photoshoot service, producing high resolution photo realistic 3D renders of your car.

Have you ever dreamed of having your race car professionally photographed in a studio?  Have you found you don’t have the time to hire a venue, organise a specialist professional photographer, hire props and backdrops? Or have you just been put off by the £1000+ price tag to arrange it all?

We can take all the pain and cost away and put your car into our virtual showroom.

Using our state of the art software, our 3D modelling specialist, and our livery design specialist, we can recreate your own racing car into the virtual world, and then place it in our virtual showroom to produce 4K ultra-high-definition 3D renders/images for you to use for your promotional material, adverts, your website, or simply to frame and hang on your wall in your living room.

See our interactive process slider below:

  • Stage 1: Photographs of car


Each car and livery is different so may vary in time and budget. Below is an illustration of the process we use for 3D renders:

  1. Initial discussion defining customer requirements. Client sends multiple photographs of car in question, with any extra details that need custom modelling.
  2. First concepts, discussions between client and artists for ideas.
  3.  Creation of 3D model by our skilled artists, including beposke parts if required.
  4. Re-creation of livery in 2D templateby our skilled artists. Final discussions on changes, render styles requested.
  5. Final HD production render:
    • Electronic format: PSD, PNG, JPEG etc – ideal for electronic promotional material & websites
    • Print hard-copy, size of your choice – ideal for hard copy promotional material & framing
    • Framed hard-copy – perfect for your living room or office wall!

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