Motorsport & Supercar Livery Design

British Racing Designs offers a full and unique motorsport livery design service. We pride ourselves on working closely with you to create eye-catching, striking designs that stand out from the crowd to enhance visibility of your brand and your sponsors. Our unique service offers you the chance to view your new livery design in 3D on your car before you take the plunge and take it to a spray shop or vinyl wrapper. We can make changes at every stage to meet your needs and ensure you are 100% happy with the final product. We are now affiliated with the leading vehicle wrapping business in London, so can arrange for your livery design to be produced by one of the best companies in the UK.

Use our interactive slider to view the process.

  • m3 blueprints
    Stage 1: Initial concepts and design blueprints

Each livery design is different so may vary in time and budget. Below is a more detailed look at the process we use:

  1. Initial discussion defining customer requirements, vehicle in question, colours requested, championship number, sponsors, logos, budget and time scales.
  2. First concepts, ‘base’ renders on 3d model (bespoke if required), further discussions between client and designer for changes/adjustments.
  3. Final concepts, pre-production renders on 3D model, final client consultation, final changes made (if required).
  4. Final ultra-high-definition renders, high resolution 2D template image produced with optional wire frame, and/or AO shadow layer included.
  5. Images sent to our affiliated vehicle wrapping business, or desination of your choice.
  6. Enjoy your striking new racing livery, and all the attention it gets at the circuit!

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